Emergency Work
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Under water works - civil engineering

  • Cutting, welding
  • Wreck removal (design, implementation)
  • Drilling, fragmentation, blasting with conventional and P2 explosives
  • Underwater concrete pouring
  • Hydraulic refusal jetting - geotech works 
  • Surface Brushing / Cleaning
  • Installation of anchors (screw anchors, seals, weights)
  • Support for the installation of embankments (BCR, tetrapods, geotextile, etc.)
  • Design and installation of moorings 

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Maritime works : design - implementation - maintenance

  • Laying of pipelines – outfall, flow line of fluid transport , water intakes, diffusers
  • Safety shark nets in water sports areas
  • Supply and installation of aids to navigation  - Tideland indian ocean representative  
  • Acoustic barriers  – Bubble curtains
  • Anti suspended sediments dams
  • Dredging – pumping
  • Installation  of Port structures
  • Installation and dismantling of offshore structures

Our advantages

  • We propose to deliver a turnkey project 
  • An Integrated engineering department to assist you for the defintition of your requirements, designing of structures and the definition of operating procedures.
  • Partnerships with internationally recognized consulting firms
  • A wide range of maritime resources and equipments available and industrial partners in the region 
  • Plurianual warranty on the infrastructure 

Inspection of underwater structures

  • Ship hulls, piers, pontoons
  • Bridges - submerged sills
  • Dams - structures
  • Marking
  • Underwater pipelines: pipelines, outfall


Our advantages

  • Approval In-water Survey for Bureau Veritas certified inspections
  • Sub-meter positioning of  USBL diver
  • Thickness measurements and cathodic protection measures
  • 3D reconstruction development and photogrammetric measures

Realization of oceanographic measurements

  • 3D Seabed mapping : mono and multi-beam bathymetry beams, side scan sonar
  • Geotechnique: seismic reflection and refraction, coring, CPT
  • Acquisition of oceanographic data: turbidity, Wave (Hs / Tp), currents, temperature, acoustic
  • Supply and installation of instrumented buoys and ADCP
  • Download datasheet of instrumented buoy 

Interventions in confined and polluted environments & industrial maintenance

  • Sewer Inspection
  • Intervention in drillings, drinking water or irrigation basins
  • Intervention in polluted environments – Treatment plants
  • Works on ropes
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Reset integrity management

Offical Partenaire
A sustainable solution that links the fight against beach erosion, energy production and desalination of sea water
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