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Management commitment

Opening the road to maritime excellence

Quality, health, safety and the environment are at the heart of the way we operate, both formally and informally, and are supported by the ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. This commitment is part of a determined and inflexible approach to continuity.

This is why SEANERGY-OI is committed to :

  • Ensure the well-being of its employees by providing them with clear, respectful and optimal working conditions
  • To create, develop and perpetuate any technical or commercial development opportunity;
        - Reinforce our know-how in the diving industry:
        - Valuing People
        - Upgrading equipment
        - Developing training (Training Centre, VAE and Title 5)
  • Achieving excellence
  • To ensure the awareness and continuous training of all actors in society;
  • To meet the expectations of our customers with diligence, professionalism and regularity;
  • Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory and other requirements concerning the health and safety of workers :
    - Compliance with the procedures in force ;
    - Compliance with legal and regulatory obligations in terms of health and safety.


The objective of SEANERGY-OI is to continuously improve its performance in order to guarantee a quality of service for the benefit of its customers.