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QHSE Policy

The quality of our services, the health and safety of people and the preservation of the environment are essential issues to which we pay particular attention. We include these dimensions in a continuous improvement process that enables us to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers, employees and staff in compliance with legislation.

This is why SEANERGY-OI has chosen to set up a management system integrating quality, health and safety at work and the environment with the following standards: ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

Our policy is based on the following axes:


To seek the satisfaction of our clients by adapting our services to their current and future needs based on:

  • Listening to our customers;
  • Regular and transparent communication with our clients and partners;
  • Respecting our commitments.


Reinforce prevention in terms of hygiene, health and safety of personnel and improve their working conditions by ensuring:

  • Compliance with regulations;
  • Identification of risks to the health and safety of staff.
  • The prevention of potential accidents by perfectly controlling all the professional risks linked to our activities;
  •  The management of emergency situations concerning personnel;
  •  Anticipating future problems.


To comply with legal, regulatory and other requirements concerning the health and safety of workers and the environment by:

  • Respecting the procedures in force;
  •  Complying with regulatory obligations in terms of health and safety and the environment.


Making every effort to protect the environment, prevent pollution and sustain this environmental commitment in order to be recognised as a company at the service of sustainable development by ensuring:

  • The identification of environmental risks in order to reduce their impact;
  • The protection of the living environment by reducing nuisances, controlling the risks of accidental pollution and ensuring the regulatory compliance of our equipment;
  • The management of emergency situations concerning the environment;
  • The improvement of waste management by encouraging the elimination and recovery of waste in compliance with regulations;
  • The preservation of natural resources by reducing the consumption of energy, water and other materials.


Develop a Culture of Prevention, adapted to our evolution and the specificities of our activities, through strong actions in terms of training and staff awareness raising.


Continuously improve the effectiveness of our Integrated Management System. To regularly evaluate and analyse the quality and conformity of our work.



The QHSE Manager supports the implementation and is in charge of monitoring,
maintenance and animation of the Integrated Management System.