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Why apply to SEANERGY?

SEANERGY is a key player in maritime and submarine works in the Indian Ocean area. Working with us means being involved on a day-to-day basis in major projects and working as a team to solve the problems encountered and ensure maximum customer satisfaction. You will be confronted with new challenges every day and close to the field.

SEANERGY is always on the lookout for the best profiles for its development on Reunion Island and abroad. We regularly recruit professional Class II A scuba divers, experienced sailors, engineers and works managers who are passionate about our activities.

SEANERGY also recruits trainees to take part in site monitoring or the development of R&D projects with the aim of teaching future generations about our profession and identifying talent.


Unsolicited application

Feel free to send your curriculum vitae and cover letterto info@seanergy-oi.com, we will be delighted to consider your application.