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Since 2015, SEANERGY has become the fifth training center approved for hyperbaric interventions. This approval given by the INPP (National Institute of Professional Diving) made SEANERGY the sole Indian Ocean center to provide a class II mention A diver training,


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SEANERGY training centre is registered with IDSA (International Diving School Association) and complies with all IMCA (International Marine Contractor Association) standards. The training is open to French and international wishing to train in diver business.



For the purposes of construction of the New Road of the Littoral, a training for divers class II A mention divers has already been put in place in 2014 at INPP. In partnership with the Reunion Region and Afpar, Seanergy supervised the validation of diving certificates, obtaining coastal permits and mastery of professional gestures associated with diver business. This training has enabled 24 job seekers to obtain certification as "public works divers." Today, 18 divers are active, i.e. an occupancy rate of 75% compliant with significant opportunities offered by the sector.


Moreover, SEANERGY also completed the training for Certificate in hyperbaric Class I Mention B: other underwater activities in the air up to 30 meters of the Master-Rescue Swimmers of the municipality of Saint-Paul.


With its proven experience in underwater work, SEANERGY is now transferring its technical expertise to the world of diver training. The applicants will have the chance to meet daily hyperbaric world professionals who will teach them the ropes and the most suitable techniques. Training will be provided on the island of Reunion in our Port technical facilities and with our maritime resources and advanced diving equipment.


Trainings provided


SEANERGY training center provides the following courses:

Certificate in hyperbaric Class I Mention B: other underwater activities in the air up to 30 meters

  • Duration  : 1 week
  • Price : on request  (depending on  numbers)
  • Schedule : on request
  • Opportunities : scientific research, underwater archeology, professional photos, light works


Certificate in hyperbaric Class II Mention A: Diver activity in the air up to 50 meters

  • The Class II Mention A certificate is recognized for offshore activities: HSE - IMCA.
  • Duration : 12 weeks
  • Price : on request  (depending on  numbers)
  • Schedule : 2017, date to define
  • Opportunities: Public works diver, port, offshore works, EMR, nuclear, polluted environments.


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