Dominique THIREL


After a brilliant career as commercial diver and supervisor of maritime and industrial works, Dominique THIREL creates Seanergy in Madagascar, in 2007. He daily shares his experience, his expertise and his taste for operational excellence with his employees. Dominique appreciates challenges and does not hesitate to invest in innovative projects in order to always be ahead of his time.

Emmanuel EBY

Operation Director

Emmanuel joined SEANERGY-OI in 2009 after many professional and entrepreneurship experiences. With an Engineering qualification, he was for many years the manager of a diving club before working as commercial diver in the offshore sector in Africa. Passionate about diving, he thus brings in his business expertise as well as his organizational skills previously acquired in the Indian Ocean region and Africa.

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Adélaïde PAUSE

Administrative and Financial Manager

Present since the beginning of the adventure, Adelaide is one of the pillars of Seanergy team. Her versatility in business and financial administration allowed her to hold the post of Administrative and Financial Manager and to manage a team of 4 people, including Human Resources. To go even further, Adelaide is currently preparing an MBA that will enable her to acquire a managerial and strategic vision of the company.

Tel. : +262(0)2 62 57 56 54

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Technical sales representative

Tel. : +262(0)2 62 92 54 83

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Bernadette JOBBÉ DUVAL

Projects and Works Engineer

Tel. : + 262(0)262 92 54 73


Julien VISA

Site Supervisor

Julien came to join SEANERGY-OI team in January 2015, his experience of 15 years in various major well-known groups (SOGEA, Spiecapag) in Reunion Island and on major building projects in Africa enabled him to forge his professional experience as a site manager. He is now responsible for the organization of projects and teams in Seanergy and currently taking up his professional diver training to be as close to the ground.

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Logistics manager

Tel. : + 262(0)2 62 92 54 84

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Antonin FAIST

Site manager

Antonin has joined SEANERGY since 2014 as site manager after several past experiences as diver for us in the past. Diver class II A for 12 years, he acquired his international experience on big offshore and harbour projects such as Tanger Med in Morroco and Pemba in Mozambique or even Qatar .Antonin is also ROV pilot. 


Site Manager

Nicolas started working for SEANERGY as early as 2009, and has participated in most major projects of the company in Madagascar and Reunion Island. His diving experiences in Australia, Africa, and the Emirates have enabled him to hold a post of responsibility within SEANERGY as a site manager. Nicolas, who demonstrates strong professional dedication, is a great example for young recruits.