Emergency Work
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Case studies

La Réunion

Details of the intervention

Since 2009 ,Seanergy has performed inspection missions on the
hydraulic  structure "Takamaka 2" managed by EDF GH

  • Technical expertise of Takamaka 2 dam, check of the dam bottom and installation of a cofferdam
  • Intervention in the plant inlet tunnel beyond the Rivière de l’Est to the water chamber on the stone trap valve.
  • Expertise of the Takamaka 2 dam and sluice inspection
  • Spotlight on branches / Removal - Film and report
  • Realization of siltation measures in the Canal Langevin.
  • Plotting of  profiles and submission of a report with the siltation evaluation - St. Joseph
  • Inspection of cofferdams tightness
  • Inspection of Takamaka dam + dredging

Tools used

  • Divers and equipment
  • Tools for underwater works
  • Motor pump, hydraulic brush


Sole provider for EDF Reunion since 2006

Number of participants

Minimum 3

Special requirements

SEANERGY adaptation to EDF GH requirements/procedures. Confined spaces, lack of visibility, altitude diving (calculation of equivalent depths).


Successful results of operations, deadlines and conditions met. Client satisfaction.