Emergency Work
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Case studies

La Réunion
Saint Pierre

Details of the intervention

  • The facility was located in an area particularly exposed to swell, by 20 meters deep. Its total weight was over 600 tons.
  • SEANERGY realized the completeness of operating procedures necessary to dismantle the prototype.
  • After being secure - some portions of the facility contained a pressurized hydraulic fluid - the prototype was dismantled and evacuated to Port St Pierre.

Tools used

  • Motor-barge equipped with a  40 t crane
  • Flexible lift unit, hydraulic tools, cutting equipment
  • Dive Support


3 months

Number of participants

8 operatives - divers and sailors

Special requirements

Unprecedented operation. QHSE framework imposed by EDF EN particularly demanding, mastered by SEANERGY.                   


Respects of timeframes originally set by the Client, 0 accidents, 100% of waste disposed to certified recycling channels.