Emergency Work
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Case studies


Details of the intervention

Further to  the breaking of the cold water pipe at  Ambatovy Nickel plant, the SEANERGY OI team conducted the following steps:


  • Cutting, disconnection and lifting the old section (300 m, 330 tons)
  • Launching of the new section, implementation of lift bags
  • Casting of new section and connection to the rest of the pipe despite significant swell conditions through an innovative procedure established by SEANERGY OI.BE (engineering design department)


Tools used

  • 8 hookah diving equipment
  • 50 MBU 5 t (soft shell)
  • Tug, Diving Support


3 months

Number of participants

11 operatives-divers and supervisors + 6 logisticians on shore

Special requirements

Unprecedented operation. Ambatovy significant gains in terms of costs with the introduction of light resources, compared to a conventional solution which would have required substantial marine resources.


Successful operation, deadlines met.