Emergency Work
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Case studies


Details of the intervention

  • Supply & installation of a decompression chamber at the Port of Tamatave
  •  "Material strength study, structure of a 600m long quay.
  • Destructive and non-destructive testings , boring, coring, scan radar Pier C of the Port of Tamatave "
  • Expertise of Pier B in the Port of Tamatave: non-destructive  and destructive testings, scan radar, carbonation, boring, coring
  • Analysis survey: implementation of current meters and wave recorders in the Port of Tamatave.
  • Magnetometry survey: Research of submerged structures in the Port of Tamatave.
  • Underwater thermal spear cutting of 1000T steel in the Port of Tamatave.
  • Underwater earthworks and dredging of 4000m3 and steel pipe assembling
  • Welding and radiography AWS standards (hydrocarbons)
  • Laying of 2 lines of 1250m pipe line in the Port of Tamatave.
  • Using barge, tugboat, divers
  • Wharf expertise at Pier B in the Port of Tamatave: bathymetry, photos, videos
  • Bathymetry in the Port of Tamatave for laying a pipeline

Tools used

  • IMCA divers and equipment(cylinder)
  • Submarine and terrestrial magnetometers
  • Side scan sonar, single/multi-beam sensors
  • ADCP current-meter
  • Pumps, hydraulic excavators, 120-200 tons cranes
  • Crane barges and jack up
  • 500-2500Hp tugboat


EPCM contracts

Number of participants

Between 20 and 100

Special requirements

Procedures as per ISO 18001 and 9001. 100% English language. Very  high level of security, internal and external audits( QHSE audits)


Successful results of operations, deadlines and conditions met. Client satisfaction. Delivery of the additional dock on time.