Emergency Work
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Case studies

La Réunion
Divers lieux

Details of the intervention

Vitogaz: Expertise of a submerged structure under BUREAU VERITAS approval.

Submerged gas line: check the general condition of the latter and a

leak on the pipe. Mahajunga, Madagascar.


SCOAM:  Expertise of the ship THE TABOR, in partnership with BUREAU VERITAS.

Identification of possible defects in the hull of the boat, for sale of the latter – East Port, Reunion.


Armement ENEZ: Expertise of the ship hull LE SAINTE-MARIE under BUREAU VERITAS approval. Identification of potential osmosis on hull and general status of latter - West Port, Reunion.


BOLUDA Reunion: Under BUREAU VERITAS approval, inspection visit of 2 tugs. Le Port, Reunion.

Tools used

  • IMCA Divers and equipment (hookah)
  • Photo / Video
  • Caliper, ruler, tape measure
  • Corrobatimeter (measurement of the cathodic protection)
  • Controlled ultrasound


Specific missions between 2011 and 2012

Number of participants

3 to 5 divers

Special requirements

Procedures according to ISO 18001 and 9001. Flawless reactivity in 24 / 48h. Adaptation skills to export, intervention in any ports of the Indian Ocean.


Successful results of operations, deadlines and conditions met.