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What does dredging consist of ?

En quoi consiste un dragage ?

What is dredging ?

Dredging is a marine activity that involves the removal of sediment, debris and other unwanted material from the bottom of rivers, harbors, canals and other primarily shallow marine areas.


The main purpose of dredging is to create new waterways or to maintain existing ones. It also increases safety for ships that are about to be moored and facilitates navigation near port areas.

How is dredging carried out ?

Dredging can be carried out using various techniques such as mechanical shovels, sling dredges, clamshell dredges, chain dredges, etc. The recovered material is often deposited in special storage areas or used to create new building sites or to reinforce coastal areas.


The technique used will depend on local conditions and the types of sediments to be recovered, so an assessment must be made beforehand to determine the depth of the area to be cleaned, the sediments to be removed, and the potential obstacles to achieving this.


Once recovered, the sediment can be processed for reuse in other activities (agriculture, energy, port engineering, construction, etc.). If the sediment is unusable or dangerous due to the toxic products it contains, it will generally be taken to a waste disposal site.


How long does dredging last?

The duration of the operation will generally last from several weeks to several months. In concrete terms, the time required will depend on several factors.

  • the size of the site

  • its depth

  • the weather conditions

  • regulatory requirements

  • etc.


Dredging is therefore an essential operation to maintain the safety and efficiency of waterways, to preserve water quality, but also to support various economic activities. This is why Seanergy provides all types of dredging in the Indian Ocean. 


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