Pluri-anual maintenance of deepwater Ehoala Port (underwater works and bathymetryc surveys

Fort Dauphin

Detailed description of the operations carried out

  • Dredging of Port of Fort Dauphin
  • Maintenance of subsea infrastructure and the Port of  Ehoala and bathymetric monitoring of water bodies over 5 years
  • Multi-beam survey of the port area and beach
  • Single beam survey  of beach area  / plotting  96 profiles
  • Supply and installation of chain + shackles
  • Tug maintenance
  • Realization of deadmen + installation
  • Single beam survey of  beach profile
  • Restoration of dock and tug
  • Maintenance of  RIO TINTO tug
  • Single beam survey of the of the port dock profile
  • Supply of spare buoys to Port Ehoala
  • Tug Maintenance / provision of a certified welder
  • BV tug Inspection

Description of main tools/resources mobilized

  • IMCA divers and equipment (cylinders)
  • Professional ships with single / multi-beam sensor
  • Corrosion control (corrobatimeter )
  • Use of 2   4000 hp tugs


Missions between 2011 and 2015


Minimum 3 divers

Specific environment-related requirements

Procedures according to ISO 18001 and 9001 very difficult weather conditions, isolation, total autonomy of the teams.


Successful results of operations, deadlines and conditions met. A 5 year contract.